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"That's really the way to do a recording: in a peaceful, relaxed setting. In somebody's basement. With the windows open ... and a dog lying on the floor." - Bob Dylan
Sioux Sioux Studio sits on a secluded, wooded acre of land in Plaza Midwood - the heart of Charlotte’s art scene. The 1,500 square foot space blends a warm, eclectic vibe with state-of-the-art modern and vintage gear. From the solid oak hardwood floors of the Main Room to the 11-foot ceilings of the Drum Room, Sioux Sioux was built and designed with great sounding spaces in mind. Recognizing that a satisfying creative experience entails more than great acoustics, Sioux Sioux was also designed to capture a vibe that’s both relaxed and inspiring.

The space includes a Main Room, two Isolation Booths, a Drum Room, and a Control Room boasting ProTools HD , a Studer Console, and all the analog hardware you need to sculpt any sound your ears desire. A large video editing suite with both the Adobe Creative Suite and a ProTools rig doubles as a B-mix room. When not in use, it’s a great place to relax, bang away on a piano, or watch a movie on the 55″ HD flat screen. Amenities also include a kitchen, bathroom (with shower), and an outside grilling area so whether you’re coming off the road, staying the night, or just putting in a long session, Sioux Sioux is the perfect place to call home while making the sounds in your head a reality.
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