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ADAM LAZZARA - Singer-Taking Back Sunday

"Coming from where I come from I always thought to make good records, I had to leave home. So that's what I did. New York, Los Angeles, Michigan, London, Amsterdam.   When I moved back to Charlotte, I felt alone in this banking town and it scared me.  Sioux Sioux studio showed me that, in fact, the awful voice in my head was wrong.  I took a right turn in a neighborhood I was unfamiliar with and I found Narnia.


Fucking Narnia.  A beacon. A lighthouse. Mind blown.


The damn place was too good to be true.  Maybe you know me and who I have had the privilege to work with with, maybe you don't. I hope one day you'll have the privilege of working at Sioux. If you're reading this, you're the luckiest bastard I know, and a nerd."


MATTHEW LAPLANT - Sunny Ledford, Dashboard Confessional, Carly Rae Jepson

"Sioux Sioux is the perfect blend of homey and comfortable with exactly the right gear. The whole space is set up to encourage creativity with a great selection of interesting instruments and classic gear."


MIKE SAPONE - Mayday Parade, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Public Enemy

"We found magic hidden in Charlotte NC. Some places are like people and Sioux Sioux is truly alive, living breathing vibe!! "

MIKE PEPE - Taking Back Sunday, Modern Chemistry, Balancing the Different

"From the moment I had the pleasure of walking into the doors and feeling the wooden atmosphere it was like I was in a ship, and I was driving.  So much cool nerdy gear, so many sounds to tinker with and be made. Every corner there’s a little secret.  Sioux Sioux has magic in the walls, make no mistake of that.


It is indeed what all recording studios should be…a safe, creative, well thought out and comfortable place to create. It remains (and will always remain) one of my favorite studios in the country to make records. If you ever have the pleasure of making something here please do yourself a favor and give yourself a gift; a creative experience you won’t ever forget."


"Any great place is made great by the people involved with it and Sioux Sioux is no exception.  Jason Scavone's versatility as a musician, producer, engineer and overall creator make working with him an absolute pleasure each and every time.  The mix of hardware and software options available at Sioux Sioux Studio is exhaustive, and you won't find better vibes anywhere in town."


ZACH GREGORY - Singer - Antique Hearts

"The only thing that could possibly make such an amazing space like Sioux Sioux better is having Chris Walldorf in the captain's seat. His creative professionalism and dedication to seeing a project to completion is astounding and unparalleled. Having his creative input and trained ear, as well as the arsenal of industry leading equipment, both outboard and software, makes for the best studio experience one could ask for."

TYLER BAUM- Pedal Steel - Don Telling's Island Mysteries

"As a pedal steel guitar player, I demand satisfaction in every step of the recording process and Sioux Sioux won’t let yioux down."

BRITT DROZDA- Singer/Songwriter

"I'm so thankful to have a topnotch studio in Charlotte and look forward to each session here.  Jason Scavone is an amazingly talented producer and engineer.  He and Sioux Sioux have made my songs sound better than I ever thought possible!"


LINDSEY HORNE - Singer/Songwriter, Vocalist - Sam the Lion 

"I first recorded at Sioux Sioux a decade ago; ever since, it's been a place I'm always eager to return to for my musical endeavors. It has every thing I need to focus: a warm, easy-going vibe, so many cool instruments to experiment with... It instantly feels like I'm stepping into to a cozy creative capsule that is very much removed from the world outside. Chris and the team are savvy as heck in their wizardry as engineers and are incredibly deft in finding the very best mic and room arrangements to capture my voice. I've always felt as comfortable as can be in being able to do my thing."

JON LINDSAY - Singer/Songwriter
"I've made a lot of music at Sioux over the years and can't say enough positive stuff about those many experiences. Top-notch analog outboard gear; great selection of mics/pre's -- and if you don't know about those Oldfield amps, you're about to get your mind blown.  The Black Label kit....just killer.  The vibe in the space is very conducive to getting deep in your project.  For me, working digitally is best served by augmenting the process with vintage gear, and open minds looking to honor warm, sweet, old school moves wherever possible. You can always get that kind of love at Sioux."

LUCINDA LUCAS - Singer/Songwriter

"Jason Scavone and Sioux Sioux Studio have improved the quality of my life! I spent the last year recording my second album Sixty at Sioux Sioux and I enjoyed every bit of the experience.  From our first meeting, Jason made me feel comfortable and competent (for someone who had never recorded – that was key.) I have learned so much from his musical technique to recording nuances. He is an excellent teacher, he’s patient and kind and he is incredibly talented. He has the ear. 


And the studio is like a toy store with all sorts of instruments available for musicians to use.  I really cannot say enough about Jason and Sioux Sioux – I highly recommend this team."

GRANT FUNDERBUCK - Singer/Songwriter - Toleman Randall 

"Great vibe, good selection of gear, and a nice staff of folks that are easy to work with and focused on helping you get a finished product that you are happy with. "

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